Visit London in Summer

Top Things to Do in London this Summer

London is arguably the world’s number 1 top tourist destination. It is not surprising at the city boasts plenty of top attractions for the tourist to feast their eyes on. This cosmopolitan capital offers so much for visitors. With a history of over 2000 years, London at heart remains astonishingly youthful and exuberant.

A visit to London reveals exceptional treasures for the tourist to savour all year round, but none more special than during the sizzling season of summer. No list can be comprehensive enough to detail all the gems in London’s trove of tourist treasures.

There are many ways to experience London to tantalise adventure for all tastes and ages from the London Bicycle Tours, river cruises and open hop-on-and-off bus tours.

London Zoo 
Said to be the oldest scientific zoo in the world, London Zoo is an ideal attraction for the whole family to enjoy. Since 1828 the zoo has been facilitating the study of animals. During the summer, the zoo hosts many thrilling exhibitions throughout the day overseen by leading curators. Some of these include bird displays as well as gorilla feedings.

Tower of London 
One of the most popular tourist attractions in the city is the iconic Tower of London. A must see for every tourist is a visit back in time to tales of historical drama, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armouries.

St Paul’s Cathedral
Regarded as the spiritual hub of London, a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral should be on every tourist’s list of things-to-do. Apart from the fact that the burial chamber is the resting place of some of Britain’s more famous personalities – John Donne, Sir Christopher Wren, Horatio Nelson and the Duke of Wellington, lofty St Paul’s Cathedral affords some of the most spectacular views of the city.

Hampton Court Palace
A real treat for palace-loving enthusiasts is a call to Hampton Court Palace, once the home of King Henry VIII. London may boast its fair share of palaces, but what sets this legendary landmark apart from the rest are the visual displays of breathtaking gardens and a world celebrated hedge maze.

Thames River Cruise
Lined along the banks of the Thames River are visual symbols of London almost anyone in the world can identify: Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, MI5, Canary Wharf. The waterway intertwines through the city making a river cruise the ultimate experience in witnessing London.

Buckingham Palace
No visit to London can be complete without a sighting of the world renowned Buckingham Palace. A visit here during the summer time is made all the more special as the doors are open to the public. The interiors and paintings on display in royal households are unrivalled and are a sight to feast one’s eyes on.

The London Eye
A relatively new addition to the arsenal of attractions London has to offer. A contribution to London’s millennium celebrations this structure is a giant observation wheel presents scintillating aerial views of the city.

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