Visa free for South African passport holders

Top 10 visa free destinations for South Africans

The good news for South African passport holders is that there are plenty of travel opportunities without the need for a visa. Here is our list of top 10 visa free destinations for South African passport holders.

For the action addicted tourist, the ski slopes and luxurious resorts of Andorra and hiking trails in this mountainous region of Europe offers abundant thrills of excitement and adventure. The promise of unraveling a charming quaint culture is also a big inducement for a visit to Andorra located in south western Europe.

Spectacular scenery of glaciers and fjords await visitors to this South American gem of a tourist destination. Discover the many fine beaches and varied dramatic landscapes of deserts, ice fields and volcanoes.

Costa Rica
Five vibrant active volcanoes with glowering sparks lighting up the night sky delight tourists. Opt to soak away the stress and strains in one of many naturally-fed thermal hot springs. Costa Rica takes pride in many of the adrenaline action-packed adventures it has to offer holidaymakers from aerial sky treks and zip lines to white water river rafting to horse back adventures at sundown.

Labelled the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, the Fiji Islands showcases a variety of attractions that has travelers in awe. Over 300 islands depict pure and perfect beaches with crystal clear waters. A sense of adventure awaits on jet-boat safaris, acres of tropical jungles and dynamic coral reefs.

Irresistible Ireland’s multitude of main attractions has visitors gazing in admiration at picturesque landscapes, mountains, lakes, desert flowers, castles seeping history, heritage and legends. Easily accessible to South Africans, the charm of the Irish and beauty of the iconic isle of Ireland promises a playground for both the young and old.

There are numerous reasons to visit the Maldives, especially if exquisite beaches are what you’re after. Each island boasts its own individual charm. This fantastic water wonderland not only offers South Africans a visa free travel experience, but the best diving destination in the world as well.

The white sandy beaches and azure waters of Mozambique have become a firm favourite with South Africans for a perfect island getaway.

Seychelles offers South African holidaymakers pristine beaches with turquoise waters for swimming or snorkeling on a total of 155 islands. Other water-filled fun activities one can enjoy on the Seychelles islands are diving, fishing and sailing. Accommodation options include luxury 5 star resorts or rustic lodges or beachside bungalows.

Popular tourist attractions in Singapore include Orchard Road where one can get one’s high street fashion fix. But Singapore offers more than just fabulous shopping experiences. Singapore Zoo offers a world class facility on 28 landscaped hectares and unique open concept. Singapore Botanic Gardens is a man-made version of paradise and a must-see on any tourist’s itinerary.

Steeped in natural attractions, Zambia is every action adventurist’s paradise. Horse riding safari adventures in Kafue National Park, canoe safaris, exhilarating game watching opportunities, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge and white water rafting are just some of the activities to delight the adventure enthusiast.

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