Camping tips

Camp like a pro: tips for happy and successful camping

Treasure a glorious sunset surrounded by nature and loved ones while relaxed around a camp fire or recharge the soul with the change in pace. At the centre of any great camping trip is the initial planning and preparation phase – the gel that holds the key to a successful and happy camping trip. Allow the magic of camping to bring the family together.

There are plenty of good reasons to go camping. At the top of the list are the wonderful family traditions and memories that can be made while camping that can last a lifetime and be brought alive at many times over at the dinner table. Camping definitely brings the family together; there are few ways to bond better than by tackling tasks with teamwork. On a camp your children can learn many valuable life and survival skills.

Before setting up camp, make sure your designated area is free from clutter and litter. Stones and sticks should be removed to prevent tripping over. Pay heed to any restrictions posed by the campsite especially with regard to campfires.

A must of on any camping trip and highly recommended by seasoned campers is the use of durable high quality camping equipment like sleeping bags and the tent. These do not necessarily need to be expensive as long as they are of high quality. Durable equipment is sure to protect you against all weather conditions.

Unless you have a wand or spell that can put up a tent in seconds like those in the Harry Potter movies, you may need to put in the time practising in your obliging back garden or living room. This will prevent any embarrassment when putting up the tent at the campsite, particularly with more experienced onlookers watching. The size of the tent should correspond to the number of campers it will house.
Decide on a meal menu beforehand so that you can stock up on items not easily available at the camp site. Have lots of snacks on hand to keep children happy. The fresh air and plenty of exercise outdoors result in hungry kids.

Gas tanks should be checked for any leaks and be filled up before you leave. Essential gear consists of a folding table, camping chairs, enough lighting equipment, toys for children and you cannot go amiss with enough wet wipes. Aluminium or enamel cutlery and crockery is ideal as they are unbreakable and are more eco friendly than paper cups and plates.

A first aid kit is an essential item to pack when going camping as well as any medication that is required. Check the expiry date on all the items. Replace any expired items. Sunscreen and insect repellent come in handy so be sure to pack them in.

Camping is definitely a more fun and a cheaper alternative than more conventional holidays. Children can explore their artistic and creative skills and be inspired by the ultimate of creators – Mother Nature herself.