The world’s top skiing holiday destinations

Think of skiing on picture perfect snowy white slopes and Switzerland and the Austrian Alps spring instantly to mind. But there are more places on the planet that offer the scintillating adrenaline rush of skiing. Some as unlikely as in Morocco.

A top ski resort should be a comfortable combination of many features. The resort’s available facilities, quality of the slopes, accommodation and restaurants are all essential considerations. Anyone and everyone should be accommodated for, from the beginner to the pro, individual guest to the whole family. The list of skiing destinations is a lengthy and varied one. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s top skiing holiday destinations.

Vail Mountain, Colorado
Vail is considered to be the largest single ski resort in the world. Located at an altitude of 8 150 feet, has an average of 350 inches of snow every year and experiences extreme winters, there is no shortage of skiers who flock to this highly popular skiing destination. Both beginner and expert skiers are catered for with plenty of trails to excite all levels of experience.

Aspen, Colorado
Aspen has long been the ski hotspot for celebrities and has the reputation for being one of the most glamorous ski resorts in the world. One of the mountains, Aspen Snowmass has three terrain parks on offer, serves both the inexperienced and the pro skier.

Zermatt, Switzerland
One of the more exclusive of ski resorts in Switzerland, Zermatt is couldn’t be more perfectly placed than at the foot of the Matterhorn mountain which initially was made famous in the 1860 for mountaineering. A charming feature of this resort is that all the vehicles here are electric. The ski zone is characterized by more than 300 kilometres of skiing mountain paths. The resort is also boasts the Paradise Glacier – the highest peak in the whole of Europe accessible by cable car – and boasts an unrivalled 360 degree panorama of the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.

Perisher Blue, Australia
The largest ski resort in Australia, Perisher Blue is an avid skier’s happy place. There are seven peaks, six terrain parks and one superpipe to provide many hours of super skiing adventures. All levels of skiers can practice their much loved sport to their hearts content.

Crans Montana, Switzerland
This ski resort is another inclusion in Switzerland’s bombardment of luxury and glamorous ski resorts. Skiing is offered throughout the year. There are 150 kilometres of ski loving slopes which range from 1 500 metres at the bottom of the station to the staggering 3 000 metres on the Plaine Morte glacier.

The sport of skiing is not only reserved for the rich and famous. There are many health benefits that should motivate you to reach for the skis and head off to the slopes. Skiing provides a great workout for the lungs and a fabulous way to burn stubborn calories.

With so many holiday destinations around the world devoted to ultimate skiing pleasure, there are plenty to consider for your next holiday adventure.