Take in the glory and the glamour of gorgeous George on the Garden Route

The gorgeous town of George is found in the centre of the Garden Route along the eastern coastline of South Africa. This charming landmark of abundant natural beauty comprising of fertile valleys, forests and rivers is exquisitely framed by the majestic Outeniqua Mountains and lay on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean is unfailing in its attractions to both local and foreign visitors.

A holidaymaker’s staple of sun, sea and sand is found in abundance in the coastal tourist paradise of George. The town’s humble origins, which began in 1811 as a settlement and labelled by the local inhabitants as the ‘land of milk and honey’, transformed itself into a present-day colossal tourist haven, housing not one, but two of the top ten golf courses in South Africa – Fancourt Golf Estate and the George Golf Course.

The temperate weather conditions enjoyed by the locals establish George as the perfect holiday spot for outdoor adventures to be had all year long. The many adventure activities hosted by this tourist hub in the Southern Cape Region holidaymaker’s paradise include: fishing, hang-gliding, diving, water skiing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, canoeing, climbing, sailing, windsurfing and surfing.

For the more laid back nature lovers, George provides excellent opportunities for bird and whale watching.

The town is within an easy 420 km from the city of Cape Town and just 320 km from Port Elizabeth. It has a few historic claims to fame too. George is the sixth oldest town in South Africa and named after the British monarch, King George the Third. This nature-rich hotspot is also regarded as the administrative capital city of the southern Cape region.

One of the highlights on a trip to George is a visit to The Outeniqua Transport Museum. Take a step back in time to the splendid steam age and appreciate the extensive cool collection of steam locomotives and carriages conserved in the museum. The Outeniqua Power Van, which comes in the form of a motorized trolley, conveys visitors from the museum to the Outeniqua Mountains where the most spectacular views of the Garden Route can be viewed, and back to the museum again.

A leisurely exploration of the Outeniqua Country Hop Route presents many country pleasures. Family friendly strawberry and herb farms provide plenty of fun; both children and adults can enjoy the wonders of cheese and candle making and there is horseback riding and mountain biking for the more adrenaline-driven adventurists. The Outeniqua Hop Route welcomes visitors with excellent accommodation facilities and restaurants.

The popular Victoria Bay, located about 9 km from George offer a superb surfing spot, especially during the months between June and August. Herold’s Bay is more celebrated for its opportunities of safe tidal pool swimming and fishing. The vast stretches of pretty pristine coastline along Wilderness with its lakes and estuaries favour the perfect place for bird watching.

Facilitated by its sophisticated infrastructure, it is easy to see why this coastal city is a notable stop on a tourist’s itinerary. Why not take in the glory and the glamour of gorgeous George on the Garden Route for your next holiday destination?

Picture Credit: easytobook.com