Easy Travel staff Jan 13

Welcome to Easy Travel

Hello and welcome to Easy Travel

Easy Travel staff Jan 13

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could have all your travel services – flights, hotels, car hire, visas and travel insurance in one place? Instead of having to search the whole of the internet or going through the yellow pages looking for companies that offer these services, you can now visit just one website – www.easytravel.co.za

Its now easy to arrange your travel needs with the launch of Easy Travel.

Easy Travel was set up by South African born Ryan Smethurst in October 2012. Ryan is currently based in the UK and has a number of  websites which offer travel related services. With our expert knowledge gained in the competitive UK market we have teamed up with some of South Africa’s leading providers of flights, hotels, car hire, visa acquisition services and travel insurance.

We are sure South Africans will appreciate the ease of use of the website as well as the savings they can make on their next holiday or business trip.

Thousands of South Africans are joining the passenger revolution. Why not join them?